About Century Steel

We are proud to introduce CENTURY STEEL as one of the most prominent stainless steel stockholder providing stainless steel to various industries in the region. We strive to supply of stainless steel sheet, coil, tubes, pipes, fittings and other stainless steel products available in different grades and size specially stocked to meet the local industrial demands. Our investment in stocks enables us to provide a wide range of products for immediate delivery. From the start, our desire for development has led us to seek out new market.

Our advantage lies not only in our extensive inventory, but in our knowledgea- ble sales team. Century Steel employees have extensive product knowledge & are able to assist with your most difficult request.

Remarkable success and sustainable growth of CENTURY STEEL have been achi- eved largely by strong loyalty users who accept nothing less but the best produc- ts and services. Our commitment to remain at the leading tip of the stainless steel industry is the key to assure your market position.


Core-Value Our Core Value

century steel

At CENTURY STEEL, our unwavering commitment to these core values drives our success and fuels your progress:

These core values aren't just words on a page; they're the bedrock of our dedication to your success. Choose CENTURY STEEL and build with a partner who shares your commitment to unwavering quality, expert guidance, and sustainable excellence.Remember, with CENTURY STEEL, you're not just acquiring stainless steel. You're forging a partnership for lasting success.Feel free to choose individual points or combine them to create a concise and impactful heading for your core values section.


Our team Our Expertise Team

product knowledge

Our team of seasoned professionals boasts extensive expertise in all things stainless steel. From sheets and coils to tubes, pipes, and fittings, we have the technical know-how to answer your toughest questions and recommend the perfect solutions for your specific needs.


Our strategic investment in a diverse and comprehensive inventory ensures that you get the products you need, when you need them. No waiting, no delays, just prompt and efficient delivery to keep your projects moving forward.

Unwavering commitment
to quality

At Century Steel, we understand that quality is paramount. That's why we source only the finest stainless steel from renowned manufacturers, adhering to the highest industry standards and meticulous quality control measures.


Director's Message

Welcome to Century Steel Co. Passion is the essence of what we do – We are committed to deliver best experiences, adopt high practices and build enduring partnerships. At Century Steel Co., we believe that competition is the drive to any corporate success as it fosters knowledge exchange in the marketplace to pursue perfection. We are keen to learn from others’ experiences as well as innovate and set new standards in our industry. Adhering to our corporate values and vision, we are recognized as one of the fastest growing company in the Metal industry in Kuwait.

We believe that, if we keep our customer happy, they will keep us in business. We have always encouraged employees to enhance the business operations and viability & also improve the quality of service to our customers. You will agree that good customer service always brings a greater satisfaction while profitability is necessary to keep our operations continuing.

Our services in the line of our prime motto of “Customer First, Quality First” in this ever growing competitive scenario.

Corporat Social Resposibility

Century Steel Company recognizes its vital role in shaping Kuwaiti society, weaving social responsibility into the very fabric of its values. This commitment extends far beyond simply producing steel, actively supporting the communities it operates in through a diverse range of initiatives.